Nutrition-Packed Lunch

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Are you tired of packing the same lunch every day?  Well, welcome to the place where you will find all you need to know about making an exciting nutrition- packed lunch.  Listed below are links to sites that have information on everything from soup to nuts (literally) for a creative and fun nutritional lunch.

There are many benefits in packing a lunch.  One being you will know exactly what your child is eating, and can ensure that the lunch is filled with things like fiber and protein that will give them the fuel that they need to get through the school day.  Another big benefit is the education that they can get by taking part in packing the lunch.  It can start with a visit to a farmer’s market to get the vegetables or fruit that may enter the lunchbox.  It is never too early for kids to learn where their food comes from and which foods are “always” foods versus “sometimes” foods.

We hope that you find this helpful, as we all know how mundane packing a lunch can be.  Even for the kids, lunches can get boring, as we tend to offer the same things all of the time, out of convenience and well, routine. We hope that these links will give you some new ideas that will help to break some “same old” habits.  We are constantly adding new information, so check back often.  Comments or lunch idea suggestions are always welcome.