Fitness for the Body You’re In!

My approach to fitness and overall health and wellness comes from a place of love, acceptance, and admiration for bodies in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. So many of us are taught from a young age to hate and fear our bodies or to make them look like a certain ideal- whether we are women, queer, fat, people of color, transgender, older, out of shape, etc.  My role, as a trainer, coach, or group facilitator, is to create space where you can come into deeper connection with and appreciation for your own unique body in your own way, in your own time.

As of Summer 2016, I am in the process of transitioning out of my one-on-one personal training practice in order to pursue new job opportunities in the health and wellness field. 

I will still be leading a couple of group classes in the meantime:

A Half Marathon Training group beginning on May 28th with A Runner’s Mind Run Club.  I will be leading the long runs only (not the bootcamps).  We will be training for the Town’s half marathon on August 13th.

A group on Radical Self-Care with Daxle Collier, with new dates TBA.

If you are looking for body positive, queer and trans positive, and all around awesome personal training in the East Bay, I am delighted to refer you to my trainer colleague, Alex Lannon, who is fun, inspiring, impeccably fashioned, and shares the same Health at Every Size values as I do.



  1. Bobbi Siegelbaum

    Hey Rachel! This is fabulous!!!! I love your quote…. “I believe we can be healthy at any size…..” The next time I am visiting my brother in Walnut Creek, I must stop by for a session or at least to say hi. Bobbi Siegelbaum

  2. Andy Burgess

    If I lived in San Fran, I’d come to train with you….just that smile alone would cheer me up!….good luck! x Andy Burgess (Camp K)

  3. shauni

    sweet heavens to betsy, I wish I lived in the area so I could take advantage of your personal training!

  4. Polly

    Rachel is the best. She is a real person who listens not only to what people say but how they say it. If you work with her, she will be your biggest supporter and you will probably find that she starts researching ways to help you on your journey. E-mails pop up all the time with little tips, reminders, and encouragements.

  5. Jesse

    My wife and I just moved to the Bay Area, and one of the best things about our move is the chance to work out, together, with Rachel. Rachel plans fun, tough work-outs that meet the different fitness levels my wife and I have. Rachel is positive and careful to keep us on track while still interacting with us in a warm manner. She knows her stuff!

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