Slow and Steady

I’ve been thinking recently about the beauty of being where we’re at, about accepting ourselves and each other in this present moment, for everything we are right now.  I believe the most effective and long-lasting change comes when we can be honest about where we are in the present, honest about the changes we want to make, and open to an element of surprise in the process.  Each one of us is capable of bigger things than we often realize: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

I’ve been training to run a marathon in October.  Often times, people’s first response to “oh, I could never do that!”  Sure, marathon running is not for everyone.  But, it is also more attainable than people often realize.  Very few people could wake up and run 26.2 miles out of the blue.  It takes training and practice in order to build up that ability over a long period of time.

I used to not be able to run around the block.  The first time I ran a mile without stopping, my calves were so sore I couldn’t walk for days.  I could never imagine that running a marathon would someday be something I wanted to do.  But, day by day, the more I continued to show up to the practice of running, the more it felt good to me, and the more I wanted to keep going.  When I was honest with myself about how much I could run, I found that my body changed, and, gradually, I was able to run more.  It took years to get to that point; it didn’t come overnight.

Training, for me, is about finding that tenuous balance between recognizing my capacity on any given day, and pushing myself just a little bit out of my comfort zone.  Some days, I set out to run, but give up after running halfway down the block.  Other days, I set out to run and my body wants to just keep going.

What have you been able to do recently that you thought was previously impossible?  Feel free to share!


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