wow, I had a goal to write a blog post every month, and I’m falling way short of that!

But, in the spirit of self forgiveness and one step at a time, I thought I’d post a little something for the month of April.  The spring is really blossoming in the Bay Area, and it was downright hot this past week!

I’m still so happy and proud of all the runners in my Half Marathon training group who completed the Oakland Half Marathon on March 24th.  It was a glorious day, and it was so exciting to see the group of badass runners I’ve been working with achieve their goals.  For most people in the group, it was their first half marathon.



So, what’s next?  I’ve been leading a beginners’ running group.  And, after just two weeks, many folks are running more than they’ve run before, or, more than they have in a long time.  We are using interval training – alternating between walking and running – to build stamina and capacity gradually.  Gradually, our intervals of running get longer and our intervals of walking get shorter.  The idea behind this is to reduce the risk of injury, and help develop a sustainable practice that will last a long time!

Come join us!  You can drop into a class for $8.

On a more personal note, I’ve been working out with another personal trainer friend in a park.  Yesterday, he asked me to do crab walks and crawls across the grass.  I had an instant flashback to 3rd grade.  Oh my god, I can’t do that!, I thought.

Even though I know that I’m more agile now than I used to be; even though I knew, theoretically, that I could probably crawl and crabwalk across the grass, there was still this part of me who believed that I couldn’t.  For so long, I was told that I couldn’t.  Or, I tried, and I failed, and I never tried again.  I came to believe that I couldn’t.  But, with a little encouragement, support, and practice, it turns out I can.

And, crabwalks and crawls are kind of beside the point.  But, it got me thinking about how often in my life, I was told I was no good at something, and never tried it again.  It made me realize how a little bit of support and guidance can go a long way.  How, often times, we are capable of more than we let ourselves believe is possible (not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, creatively).

Ok, that’s my blog post for today 🙂




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