Running Together, Raising Money

As some of you may know, I’ve been working with two running groups this season to train for the Oakland Running Festival on March 23rd This is my favorite running event of the year!  It’s been going on since 2010, it goes through so many of the neighborhoods of Oakland, and it’s a fun way to celebrate the city.

My running groups this year have been so much fun and have gone to so many scenic locations in the Bay Area- including the new pedestrian path on the Bay Bridge.  It’s hard to believe that we only have a few weeks left!  In both groups, runners of all different levels have achieved goals that they didn’t think were possible before— whether it was running continuously for 20 minutes, running at a faster pace than last year, or running more than 8 miles for the first time ever. I’ve been so inspired watching people pass new milestones!

One of the most inspiring moments of the past few months was running with the people who came out in the pouring rain!  After a very dry December and January, we experienced some big rainstorms this month that happened to fall on weekends.  Runners came out nonetheless!  Nearly everyone said they wouldn’t have come out to run if they were on their own.  (I know I wouldn’t have either!).  I’m inspired to keep asking: what can we do together that we couldn’t do alone?  How can we help each other reach new goals and accomplishments? In the end, it was so refreshing to run in, and to celebrate some much-needed rain with a great group of people. 

 In that same vein, our group has come together to raise money for an organization that is close to our hearts.

The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic provides low-income women with cancer with free alternative medical treatments that are often not covered by insurance. 

Several members in our group have personal connections to this organization either as volunteers or having received services.  Please help us raise money for an organization providing these necessary services in our community. 

$10, $20, or $100 can go a long way. Please help us reach our goal of $2000.  Your donation will help women with cancer access services that are rarely covered under health care plans. 

You can see more and make a donation here

Hope to see you at the Oakland Running Festival on March 23rd, either in person or in spirit 🙂




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