Personal Training

I’m delighted to introduce you to Alex Lannon, who will be working with my clients beginning in May 2016.  Please contact Alex if you are interested in setting up a personal training appointment in Oakland.

alex pic

Alex of Fat Chance Coaching wants to live in a world where moving and nourishing your body has nothing to do with morality. As a Health at Every Size Personal Trainer and Health Coach, they are an intern at NewEthic Strength and Conditioning, a goal oriented gym focused on dynamic movement and functional fitness.

When they are not powerlifting, you can find them performing with their queer trans electro pop band GAYmous or cooking delicious vegan meals. As a long time activist and counselor, Alex is especially excited to work with lgbt clients, fat folks, vegans, punks, survivors, those in eating disorder recovery and anyone who feels alienated by the mainstream health and fitness movements. Find out how to get pumped and feel pumped at and follow fatchancecoach on instagram.




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